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DATC: a Canvas to Design for the Appropriate Trust in UX for AI in the Medical Field

Course: M1.2 Research Project

Client: Philips Experience Design

Coach: Daniel Tetteroo

Main Development: User and Society; Math, Data & Computing; Design & Research Processes

The DATC, Designing for the Appropriate Trust: the Canvas fosters a human-centered approach to design for human-AI collaboration in health care that includes the appropriate level of trust. The DATC supports UX designers by guiding them through the three main aspects that influence the level of trust of the clinical user in the AI. These aspects are 1) determining
different personas and their characteristics that influence the level of trust, 2) considering different scenarios that might influence the trust when the AI is in use and 3) defining the system’s contribution to a good human-AI collaboration. The canvas was designed during a research project in collaboration with Philips Experience Design. Employees were interviewed and the canvas was tested in two UX for AI design projects groups.