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Exploring the Role of a Digital Human in a Pharmacy

Course: M2.1 Project

Client: Pharmi

Coaches: Daniel Tetteroo (mentor), Mathias Funk (second assessor)

Main Development: User and Society, Math, Data & Computing, Business & Entrepreneurship

Pharmi is a start-up that is trying to pioneer by creating a digital human to improve good medication intake. A digital human is a human-like conversational agent which is backed by an artificial intelligence system. Working together with Deloitte and Sint Maartenskliniek, an initial version of the digital human, like-named Pharmi. The digital human is aimed to support patients at home, when having a medication-related question. However, as not much research had yet been done into the application of the digital human in a pharmacy, this created room for further exploration. Therefore, during my M2.1 I researched the potential of a digital human in the pharmacy industry was investigated, what medical data was needed for this and what the needs of different stakeholders were. This early work created an overview of how the digital human could be positioned in the pharmacy field. However, further research was needed into the needs of patients and the personality characteristics of this digital human. This created a starting point for this Final Master Project.