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Hi! I am
Sabeth Diks

Industrial Designer


I am an empathic designer, who is endlessly looking for new design opportunities in health care. With a human-centered approach I tackle complex, multi-stakeholder problems. In this portfolio you will find my development throughout my studies Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. I will show my identity and vision as a designer, the competencies I have gained over the years, and the projects that contributed to this growth.

Check out my work!

The Design of An Empathic Digital Human

During my Final Master Project, I researched the empathic needs of patients regarding a digital human. I found what emotions patients prefer to experience in a digital human and what type of support they would ask for. This resulted in a Practical Support Module and Small Talk Module that were integrated in the digital human of the like-named company Pharmi.

DATC: Designing for the Appropriate Trust the Canvas

Human-AI collaboration is an upcoming discussion among designers. Therefore, in collaboration with Philips Experience Design, I researched how to support designers in designing for the appropriate trust in health care innovation. A canvas was developed that creates awareness and assistance in the design of AI systems.