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The Design of An Empathic Digital Human
in a Pharmacy Context

Course: Final Master Project

Client: Pharmi

Coaches: Daniel Tetteroo (mentor), Mathias Funk (second assessor)

Main Development: User and Society, Math, Data & Computing

Since the pressure on health care is increasing, medical staff is often overworked which results in less time for patients. To solve this problem, the company Pharmi came up with the like-named digital human Pharmi. Pharmi is able to provide medication-related information and show emotions. During my Final Master Project I researched: 
“How can the design of an empathic digital human that provides medication-related information match the needs of patients with a rheumatic disorder?” 

After gaining insights from a literature study and pharmacy expert interviews, I created a prototype digital human. With this prototype it was possible to vary the expressed emotions and reflect on the different patients’ responses. Here I found 1) that patients show curiosity to use Pharmi, 2) a need for Pharmi to express friendly and serious emotions, and 3) interest to provide practical support by Pharmi. After a co-reflection session with stakeholders a Small Talk module and Practical Support module were integrated in Pharmi.